Significant progress made during a visit to Tanzania in March 2017

PHF President, Georges Hatem and board member of PHF Geneva, Dolly Hatem, visited the site of the Happy Childhood Village Tanzania [HCVT] in March, and met with orphans in the vicinity. They also met with Maasai leaders involved in the HCVT and gave them copies of the HCVT brochure, as well as with local business leaders to validate vocational training programs.

An Addendum to the protocol between HCF Africa and the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha was also signed for additional land (originally 262,000 square meters), mainly:

    • Addition of 10,000sqm for the solar panel farm
    • Addition of 10,000sqm for the agriculture/farming program
    • Addition of 4,500sqm for the construction of additional dormitories for secondary school children


An agreement was also made between HCF Africa and the CAA in the Addendum to protocol: the 26th of May being the birth date of Philippe Hatem and the Feast of Saint Philip Neri, the 26th of May of each year will be the Village holiday and all activities will be stopped and replaced with happy celebrations, including at HCVT’s Saint Philippe church.


Progress is also to be signaled in the fund-raising campaign for the HCVT, with a number of international institutions showing interest in partnering with HCF Africa for this project.

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