The Programs


The core programs that will take place in the village will include:

  • Kindergarten, primary and secondary education
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Vocational training in the workshops
  • Recreational activities
  • Housing and protection for underprivileged children
  • Social services to all children in the village
  • Social services to neighboring communities
  • Village activities for volunteers, partners and visitors


With the support of our technical partners, we will develop vocational training in: hospitality, entrepreneurship, art, agriculture & farming, as well as temporary activities that will take place in the workshops.


An essential component of the HCV concept is integrating selected economic activities that will progressively contribute to covering operating expenses in the village, with the goal of progressively making the village more and more self-sustained. These activities will include:

Tuition fees from children in neighboring communities whose parents want them to have a top-notch education and can afford to cover their tuition fees and schooling expenses.

Revenue from the rehabilitation center from in and outpatients whose parents can afford to cover their medical expenses.

Ten workshops that, in addition to promoting traditional local crafts and transferring that know-how to the new generations, will generate revenue from sales to the thriving tourism industry in Tanzania.

Agriculture and farming for local consumption in the HCV and eventually to be marketed and sold to the broader community.

Promoting art through vocational training and the establishment of a museum hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions of local and native art, generating revenue through ticket sales, shop sales and the coffee-shop.

Visitor activities including tourism, high-end restaurant, bed and breakfast and workshops on local traditional arts.

Renting out space for private events.


For more detailed information about the HCV, you can download our brochure here. For optimal viewing, go to View, Page Display, and select Two Page View.