The creative concept of the Happy Childhood Village (HCV) has the potential to make a significant, long-term impact on the lives of thousands of children, while respecting the local culture and without any form of discrimination:

Basic necessities, protection, health care, education & training and recreation provided at a single location

Working hand in hand with our local partner, the village will cover all the essential needs of children and will prepare them for the future.

Open architecture to reach-out to the neighboring communities

The modern and environmentally friendly open architecture is designed to benefit resident children as well as the neighboring communities through our school, rehabilitation center, workshops and recreation facilities that will be open to non-resident children. Our social center will also provide much needed services that will contribute to human development in the region; its scope will cover family planning, health, nutrition and socio-psychosocial support, to mention a few.

A local partner that operates the HCV with world class technical partners and advisors

Every program and facility within the HCV will be carefully developed and implemented by our local partner with the support of HCF and world-class technical partners and advisors who are the best in their fields. The HCV will be a learning field where technical partners and advisors will transfer their knowhow to the local partner.

Knowhow dissemination outside the HCV to maximize impact

The local partner has been selected for its ability to progressively disseminate the knowhow it will acquire in the HCV in the other social facilities that it owns and operates in Tanzania. The HCV can also be used by other non-profit organizations as a platform to disseminate their own social services to the neighboring communities.

Impact measurement

We believe it is an integral part of our work to continuously measure the impact of the various components of the Happy Childhood Village and adapt and change to maximize benefits to the children. Starting with the village in Tanzania, the hope is to adapt, replicate and implement the HCV concept in different places around the world.